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Unmaintained [HA] CTA FT Layouts 1.2.6

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I got really excited at the idea of this addon, but unfortunately it's much too difficult to style this correctly if you're not using the default Xenforo theme.
The fact is that CTA FT is a little hard to be customized and this is why I developed this add-on. (and maybe this is why Paul didn't add multiple layouts for his add-on ;) MAYBE)
I did my best to make it a lot easy to be customized and also because of my customers who were also using this add-on, I fixed problems with styles of 3 main style designers for xenforo.
I also said in a post that if I get some more free time I'll make it more easier to be customized, but those who ask me for custom works know that how busy I am these days.
But anyway, although this was not a good reason to give 3 stars to THIS add-on, but I appreciated your review and wish you the best. Hope to get some free time to make it easier to be customized and also better to get more features.
Glad to hear that you are excited at the idea of the add-on :)
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