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Unmaintained [HA] CTA FT Layouts 1.2.6

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.4
  2. 1.5
Additional requirements
PLEASE BEWARE!!! This addon is unmaintained, no support is offered with this any longer.



With this add-on, you can Change the layout of CTA FT portal and archive and forums list page as easy as possible. Just choose the layout you want, and then set its style properties. That's it!

You can see different parts of add-on in screenshots, but here is a list of things:
  • Widget Framework's Widgets
    • Simple
    • Slider (Grid View 2nd Centered)
  • Options
    • Layout for Portal page Featured Threads
    • Layout for Forums list page Featured Threads
      • Default
      • Grid View
      • List View
      • Masonry
      • Grid View (Second Edition)
    • Layout for Archive page's featured threads
      • Default
      • Grid View
      • List View
      • Masonry
      • Grid View (Second Edition)
    • Enable / Disable Font awesome
    • Masonry Layout Options
      • Enable Interlace
      • Make Grids Same Size
      • Grid Size
  • Style Properties
    • Grid View
      • Enable featured thread information overlay on hover
      • Featured Thread information overlay always visible
      • Display avatar on featured thread info overlay
      • Display feature thread username on feature thread info overlay
      • Display featured thread forum name on media info overlay
      • Display Expiry status on featured thread info overlay
      • Display title in thumbnail container
      • Display description in thumbnail container
      • Display featured thread replies count
      • Display featured thread view count
      • Display featured thread likes count
      • Display Featured thread expiry status
      • Display featured thread date icon
      • Display featured thread read more
      • Show Featured Ribbon on thumbnail
      • featured thread per row (Default)
      • featured thread per row (Wide)
      • featured thread per row (Medium)
      • featured thread per row (Narrow)
      • Responsive Container
      • Responsive Column
      • Responsive Column (No sidebar)
      • Default Image path
      • Title
      • Description
      • Blur thumbnail
      • Blur value
      • Title on thumbnail
      • (Grid View won't show polls on portal page - At least in first version)
    • List View
      • Display Username
      • Display Post / Update Date
      • Display Forum name
      • Display description
      • Display Featured Label
      • Display Read More Label
      • Display Read More on side block
      • Display Replies count
      • Display View Counts
      • Display Like counts
      • Display Status
      • Display Mini Avatar
      • Hide side block (block of stats)
      • (List View shows the polls as it must)
    • Masonry
      • Grid Item - Action Item
      • Grid Item Actions
      • Grid Item Photo Date Text
      • Grid Item Author Hover
      • Grid Item Author
      • Grid Item Date
      • Grid Item Title
      • Grid Item Image
      • Grid Item
      • Shows stats of featured thread at all?
      • Show Avatar
      • Show Username
      • Show Likes
      • Show Replies
      • Show Views
      • Show Date
      • Show Forum
      • Show Title
      • Show Description
      • Show Prefix
      • Trim Title
      • Trim Description
      • (Masonry won't show polls on portal page - At least in first version)

    • (More coming soon...)
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Latest updates

  1. masonry invalid property fix!

    Fixed: an error about invalid property when using Masonry layout for forum list's featured threads
  2. New Widget - Slider!

    A new widget for Widget framework added The new widget is slider (showing featured threads)...
  3. More features for GV 2nd

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Latest reviews

My Favorite is Masonry. Thank you brother :)
This deserves a lot of praise. I will make a donation.
es-selamu aleykum.
va aleykum es-selamu

Thanks for your review :)

Glad to hear you like it. Hope you enjoy using it
Fantastic addon. I love the grid look for my forum homepage at https://www.mu-43.com. Lets us feature more than one thread at a time at the very top of the page. Looks clean, is responsive, and the developer gives extremely quick support considering that this is a free addon. Donation sent. Thank you!
Thanks Amin,

Glad you like it and hope you enjoy using it. I'll be here with you users of the add-on to make it better so that all of us get better looking sites.

Thanks for your kind words and also the donation. It is warmly appreciated.
Better service than some paid add ons ! Not only improved my site but helped beyond adjustments to the add on.... will be back to buy more and looking forward to what you have to bring to xenforo to make it a a great user experiance
Thanks for your kind words.

Glad you like it :)

Hope to find some more free time (+ more knowledge!) to bring more useful things (and because I also pay much attention to how a site looks, so I'll try to get things looking nice as much as I can)
I got really excited at the idea of this addon, but unfortunately it's much too difficult to style this correctly if you're not using the default Xenforo theme.
The fact is that CTA FT is a little hard to be customized and this is why I developed this add-on. (and maybe this is why Paul didn't add multiple layouts for his add-on ;) MAYBE)
I did my best to make it a lot easy to be customized and also because of my customers who were also using this add-on, I fixed problems with styles of 3 main style designers for xenforo.
I also said in a post that if I get some more free time I'll make it more easier to be customized, but those who ask me for custom works know that how busy I am these days.
But anyway, although this was not a good reason to give 3 stars to THIS add-on, but I appreciated your review and wish you the best. Hope to get some free time to make it easier to be customized and also better to get more features.
Glad to hear that you are excited at the idea of the add-on :)
Beautiful Add-on, makes my homepage look professional and clean looking.
Always had fast response from Developer and has fixed everything needed. Friendly to talk to and always willing to help
Thanks for your review.

Glad you like it. And I also like your home page using this add-on too. Neat and clean.

Hope you enjoy using it.
Love the feel and look this gives to my Forum. Plus the support is spot on from the developer. I will keep supporting just because of the quick response he gave with helping me gain the opportunity to use this add-on. Look forward to doing biz with you in the future. Keep up the excellent work and supporting the community. :0
Thanks for your kind words.

Glad you like it. Hope you enjoy using it.

And hope I can get some more free time to make more things that people need.
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