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This is a simple add-on that anonymizes/adds a redirection to all the out going links posted in your forum (the old mechanism has been changed due to its 'buggyness'). You can use this to give your site partial anonymity (i.e. the referring site WILL know from which site his/her visitors are coming from but wont know from which exact page they are coming from. If you are looking for full anonymity, please visit ) or you can use it to warn your visitors that they will be visiting another site that you don't control (as a disclaimer). :)

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  1. Firstly, upload everything from the 'upload' folder to your forum's root directory.
  2. Install the add-on from your ACP.
  3. You can change the messages and stuff from: ACP -> Options -> GoodForNothing Link Proxy (Right under 'Messages')
  4. Voila! :D

Don't forget to disable XenForo's built-in Link Proxy.
I created this add-on just for fun, so no bashing please :p

P.S. If you want to support my free developments with a small (or big :rolleyes:) donation, please visit this link :)
Mr. Goodie2Shoes
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  3. Phrased title and message texts.

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This is just what I need. Cool addition! Big thanks to the author! Always helps !
Mr. Goodie2Shoes
Mr. Goodie2Shoes
Thanks for the review! ^.^
I'm loving it.
Im waiting for that...thanks you
Very Useful MOD - I love It! Keep it up mate
Someone had been posting links that "look like" they direct to my site (phishing spam) and this modification help bring that information to light.... Outstanding
Brilliant, thank you.
Very well done! Using it, loving it!
Nice! Work for all outgoing links!
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