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Unmaintained GoodForNothing Link Proxy 1.0.5

Anonymize/Proxy all your external links posted in your forum, manage delays and more!

  1. Mr. Goodie2Shoes

    Mr. Goodie2Shoes Well-Known Member

    Mr. Goodie2Shoes submitted a new resource:

    Anonymizer/URL Redirector by xenCODE (version 1.0.0 Beta 1) - Anonymize all your out-going links...

    Read more about this resource...
  2. giorgino

    giorgino Well-Known Member

    Hi Goodie, great work. Can someone explain what's the utility for a forum to this type of redirection? Thanks :)
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  3. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    Yeah I'm wondering this as well.

    I've seen many sites employ this. Sometimes with a redirection page to warn people they're leaving the site, other times without.

    But why would we need this? What benefit is there to anonymise the URLs?
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  4. Adam Howard

    Adam Howard Well-Known Member

    1. Improved SEO rating as the link mask your site as the portal to X site and thus direct less away from you
    2. Privacy as not to reveal where members are coming from

    About the only two things I can think of.
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  5. Anthony Parsons

    Anthony Parsons Well-Known Member

    rel=nofollow is what controls SEO linking... anonymity of URL's does nothing for SEO as Google discards redirects and measures the source to the origin, hence how affiliate links are also tracked so well by Google using this method, thus downgraded for affiliate sites offering nothing unique. Googles algorithm is much smarter than anonymous URL redirects unfortunately.

    You can actually test this in Google Analytics by setting up such redirects with tracking and watch analytics show the source and the origin only, discarding all redirects in-between.
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  6. Mr. Goodie2Shoes

    Mr. Goodie2Shoes Well-Known Member

    Hello everybody, my main objective is actually telling my visitors clicking the link something like:

    and also, I would like to 'track' everything from my site. and also what TheVisitors said: to not reveal where the members are coming from :)
  7. Shinjiru

    Shinjiru Member

    is there any demo forum, where we can see your script in action?
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  8. Mr. Goodie2Shoes

    Mr. Goodie2Shoes Well-Known Member

    I've already mentioned that in the Description: Under Construction... :)
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  9. duydangle

    duydangle Active Member

    Does this have effect on all previous links, or just new links posted?
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  10. Mr. Goodie2Shoes

    Mr. Goodie2Shoes Well-Known Member

    ALL the links :D
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  11. duydangle

    duydangle Active Member

    Just seems very useful if you have this...
  12. Mr. Goodie2Shoes

    Mr. Goodie2Shoes Well-Known Member

    Like I said... its a 'future plan'.... The redirection page will be done by tomorrow, hopefully...
  13. grizone

    grizone Member

    nice work! RESPECT и уважуха!
    скинул $5
    NEED a redirection page!! =)
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  14. Mr. Goodie2Shoes

    Mr. Goodie2Shoes Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the donation :)
    The redirection will be ready by tomorrow :D
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  15. aiman.h.kallaf

    aiman.h.kallaf Active Member

    ِwaiting for you , Please work on the white list if you can
  16. Mr. Goodie2Shoes

    Mr. Goodie2Shoes Well-Known Member

    The Redirection page is complete and works like a charm! :D
    but you have to wait another 12 hours as its 1AM here and I need to get some sleep... :)
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  17. Mr. Goodie2Shoes

    Mr. Goodie2Shoes Well-Known Member

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  18. Shinjiru

    Shinjiru Member

    the redirection page, does not fit with the design, can you confirm this? i am using the metro style from CyberAP.
  19. Mr. Goodie2Shoes

    Mr. Goodie2Shoes Well-Known Member

    link please? your site's link...
  20. Shinjiru

    Shinjiru Member

    i have send you a pm with the details.

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