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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.2
  2. 1.3
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Addon Presentation
This addon inserts an Auto Scrolling Button at the right of the footer helping users to go to the top of the page
I've seen this addon on many websites and I really like it. Matt Varone, the creator of the Javascript, really did a great job




Available options in version 2.x
  • New "Pure css" skins
  • Add a "Go to down" mode with one of the "Pure css" skin
  • Add a "Quote Me" trigger option with one the "Pure css" skin
  • Add a hide timeout option
  • Direct options to set the block position

Available options
  • Many colors available: black, white, blue, green, red, purple & Chameleon
  • The Chamelon color is a button that should suite to any themes
  • Two buttons types: normal(big) and mini (small)
  • These buttons are using PNG 32 except for IE6 (a black button in PNG8 is automatically used)
  • All PNG have been optimized (original image size : 56ko. Now: less than 2ko)
  • The psd files of these buttons are provided
  • The scrolling-top effect can easily be configured
  • This addon can be configured differently for each of your styles (thanks to XenForo architecture)
  • The original Javascript has been slightly modified to make it compatible with the default Jquery that is using XenForo
  • Mobile option (v1.1)
  • Tablet option (v1.1) => need to install this addon
Tested on
Firefox, Opera, Chrome, IE9, IE8, IE7, IE6, Dolphin (Ipad)

Addon Installation
Use any of of the auto installer addon or:
  1. Upload the files on your forum directory
  2. Import xml file
Addon Configuration
To activate & configurate this addon, you must got to XenForo appearance options:
AdminCp=>Appearance=>Style properties=>(Select your style)=>'Go To Top'

Matt Varone

Paypal donation

GNU General Public License
(conform to the original)
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Latest reviews

I use this add-on from the first version, and work very well. Now without images, and with pure css.
This add-on will make your forum even more user friendly and is really quite configurable. Whether you want a small button set, one that automatically dissolves after a specific time, or one for a responsive screen size it's very easy to do!
Works as intended!
Works as said, thank you.
Love the simple nature of this add-on and adds a great quality of life improvement.
Awesome addon!
Superb addon. Easy to install, automatically set the colour to my theme (which is very customised) and I tested on mobile as well and it also worked.
Latest version is the top one! Thank you for hard work!
Love the CSS only version. Very good, thank you.
I love the way it looks when your using different styles and have pure css enabled. It's also awesome that there's a go to bottom option as well.
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