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Unmaintained Go To Top ! 2.2.1

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Version 2.2.1 released
  • The 2.2.0 release was published on Github a long time ago. I totally forgot to release it here. Its new options were: Bottom delta & Top delta to control the scroll bottom/top max position
  • Now about this 2.2.1 version. Styles designed by Arty has a similar scroll up/down feature but its position was based on the pageWith element and not the window ; which is very nice with a style that has a centered & narrow layout. I've coded an option that allows the same thing (the element has still a fixed position but is repositioned by some JavaScript code; even when the window is resized). I did this for my own needs but it should also work with RTL languages (not tested).

    Edit: I forgot to update the version number to 2.2.1
Version 2.1.1 released
  • Fix a small bug in a template modification which was missing a condition that prevented to disable the Go To Top box - Thanks to FredC
Version 2.1.0 released (minor update)
  • Add direct options to set the block position
  • Give back the button its normal appearance when the QuoteMe trigger was enable but not available on pages without content to quote
Version 2.0.0 released

This new version is a major one. Most of the code has been rewritten. It's no more compatible with XenForo 1.1.x. Since you might have heavily customized the previous versions of this addon I will recommend you to first test it on your dev board. I don't think there will be any problem though because I've kept the same html and css structure to avoid any break.

So, what new?

  • New "Pure css" styles that don't use any image
    • New style properties to configure them
    • Compatible with the mini mode
    • Top/Down skin that allows to "Go to top"... and "Go to down" of the page
    • Information: I didn't integrate the Font Awesome on this release, but it should be really easy to do for those who wants to
  • The "Pure css Top/Down" style has some options
    • Can add a Quote Me trigger (for those who are using the "after click" mode of the Quote Me addon)
      • Compatible with the mini mode
      • Will not be displayed on pages that don't have messages to quote.
        P.S: on those, the layout will not be extactly the same of what it should have been without the QuoteMe trigger option, this will require extra js code, but since it isn't ugly at all, I'm not going to code this
    • Can reverse some hover color (read the option description)
  • Add a new option to automatically hide the Go To Top box with a timeout
    • On touch devices, the delay is automatically set to 6 seconds, unless if you have disabled this option (setting it to 0)
  • The php code has been rewritten (it was short)
    • Doesn't use anymore the template hook plugin:
      Use only the template pre-render listener to add two variables, then use the XenForo 1.2 template modification system
  • The html/js integration has been modified
    • The previous one was using nested js code inside template. It wasn't clean
    • The html elements have kepts the same css id to avoid to break with your customization
  • The original css have just been slightly modified but there's a new css template to configure the "Pure css" skins
  • The js file has been rewritten
    • It's not anymore a jQuery plugin. It didn't make sense on XenForo
    • It's cleaner and has been extended with new parts to allow the new functions
      • Go to down of the page
      • QuoteMe trigger
      • Timeout Hide


Version 1.1.2 released (important)
  • Fix an ugly coding mistake "disabling" your footer template hook in some occasion - sorry for this -
  • Now compatible with the Chris Addon Installer
To update: use Chris Addon Installer or upload files on server.

This release can be installed and upgraded using the Add-On Installer by Chris Deeming
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Missing phrase added in the xml
Version 1.1 released
  • Mobile configuration option
  • Tablet configuration option => need to install this addon
  • Use now its own option group (no more the footer one... there were too many options)
To upgrade: upload files/import xml
Version 1.0.1 released
Add a few options: scroll speed, min height, fade in, fade out