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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.4
  2. 1.5
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This add-on is only compatible with XenForo 1.4.3 and above (2.x not supported)!

This add-on makes use of the custom user fields by allowing your users to input their various gamer tags from the games they play. It can be configured to use certain gamer profiles if you do not wish to display them all. Simply look in the style properties [PE] Gamer Profiles for settings for displaying what icons you would like. If you have a suggestion mention it and I'll see about adding it. This add-on supports sites running SSL as well, mainly the linked images.

Supported Profiles
The following are default in XenForo
  • Facebook
  • Skype
  • Twitter

  • Upload the contents of the 'upload' folder to your XenForo installation
  • Import the addon-PEGamerProfiles.xml in the ACP
Set what icons to display and set permissions to view.
  1. ACP -> Users -> User Group Permissions
  2. ACP -> Options -> [PE] Gamer Profiles
  3. ACP -> Style Properties -> [PE] Gamer Profiles -> Settings
  4. ACP -> Style Properties -> Message Elements -> Show Custom User Fields
There is a permission used to limit the view of member's gamer cards on profiles and also a permission to disable viewing of profile icons per group.


When enabled and the user has said field filled in with their id's icons will be displayed in various locations. Gamer icons can either be set to use 24px or 16px version in the style properties. Also the display of a Gamer Card is supported with Steam, PSN, Xbox Live.

Gamer Cards and Profile stats for Steam, PSN and Xbox Live are hosted by So a big thanks to Exophase's creator and owner for allowing the use of his work in this add-on! I tried to make the add-on as consistent as possible and these gamer cards did just that :).



Member Card


Profile Page with Gamer Card tab with optional signature code for the users.
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Steve F
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Latest reviews

Pretty awesome really, would be worth paying for. Free... can't beat that! If you have a gaming website, get this!
Brilliant plugin I love it, the ability to upload icons yourself example a small Blizzard Icon so you're not dependent of plugin upgrades to add maybe unconventional accounts like lets say Maplestory username would raise this to a Definite stars 5 for me and make this plugin a 100% keeper.

I love you steve... so glad this got finished. Glad you were able to take what i wanted and turn it into something this amazing. It is better than i expected. But the guys at pixel exit come through every time
Very good, shame about the need to use branded gamercards when you can easily make it custom to the site. Would rate 5/5 if you added that. Still a very nice mod.
Steve F
Steve F
Easily? Nothing easy about it. This is a free addon after all and everything used is described in detail in the resource overview
This is a "must have" for gaming website . Ist optimal for players
there use origin ,
Steam etc. thanks for this addon , it is really Amazing and have a good disign
Simply awesome! Excelent work. It just simply works. However it does decrease the page load time when using the animated stuff (which could be turned off in the ACP).
Epic ! Simply works ! A doddle to install , configure and use. Generates great looking icons and a genuine curiosity for your users.

Overlays look great and informative. Should be good to help bring the community together on your site.
Steve (PixelExit) - this is amazing! Thank you so much for providing this to us! Its just so easy and so good! A must for all gamer forums. And for free! Two thumbs up!
Just perfect! I was actually just searching for this addon when I seen it on your forum you linked me. This is the most beautiful way of implementing this I have seen yet!
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