1. Ozzy47

    [OzzModz] Gamer Profiles 3.0.0 Patch Level 1

    Requirements: XenForo 2.2+ Description: This add-on is only compatible with XenForo 2.2. If you want a profile added immediately, I charge $25-$35 per profile. This add-on is a port of GamerProfiles -, which @Steve F has kindly allowed me to release. This add-on makes use of...
  2. Michael Kinney

    XF 1.2 Custom Xenforo coding question

    I apologize for the n00b questions. I am no IT guru, though I know just enough to be a danger to myself ... and before I posted this, I looked all around the forums and the search utilities looking for this specific topic, and while finding iterations, I did not find what I was looking for. I...
  3. Steve F

    Unmaintained Gamer Profiles - 1.0.3

    This add-on is only compatible with XenForo 1.4.3 and above (2.x not supported)! This add-on makes use of the custom user fields by allowing your users to input their various gamer tags from the games they play. It can be configured to use certain gamer profiles if you do not wish to display...
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