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Q: Why does the user's gamer card show this image and no stats.

A: In most cases the cause is the user has not set a Custom URL within their Steam Profile. This should match their Steam name.


Q: How can I have additional profiles?
The new template for adding icons has a working example in it already, users just need to create the custom user fields for these to work.

Template Name: pe_extra_gamer_profiles

Example located in the template as well.
Rich (BB code):
Use this code below as a template to add more icons, changing the custom user field names with your own user fields (IDs).

<xen:if is="{$user.customFields.originUserProfile}">
    <li class="iconContainer">
        <a href="origin://addfriend" class="gamerIcon originIcon Tooltip" data-offsetX="-4" title="{xen:phrase gp_origin}: {$user.customFields.originUserProfile}"></a>

Destiny was added to the icon list and it requires the use of 2 user fields so you can link to for the user's stats.


Go to ACP -> Users -> Custom User Fields -> Create New User Field
This sets the system the user plays on so the correct link is generated to
Basic Information Tab
Field ID: destinySystem
Title: Destiny System
Description: Choose the system you play Destiny on
Display Location: Contact Details
Display Order: 9
Field Type: Radio Buttons

Options for Choice Fields
Possible Choices:
xbox | XBOX
ps | PS


Create another Custom Field with the info below

Basic Information Tab
Field ID: destinyUserProfile
Title: Destiny
Description: Enter your Destiny player name here, usually your XBOX or PSN name
Display Location: Contact Details
Display Order: 9
Field Type: Single-line Text Box