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Unmaintained Gamer Profiles - 1.0.3

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This update fixes a couple issues related to profile tabs once again. (I think I really got it this time!)

Also in this update more fine tuning of the message info area.
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  • Profile tab should now display correctly
  • Extra User Fields should now display properly on profile pages and member card
  • Added a new template pe_gamer_profiles_member_card
  • Fixed some CSS in the message user info area to be better compatible with custom styles

Anyone using PixelExit's XenBase framework and using the FA icons in message user info may see some oddities still, we have a update for XenBase coming soon, or we can also provide the simple CSS fixes.
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For this add-on to work correctly you must be using XenForo 1.4.3 or above.

  • New templates for adding additional icons
  • Conditional to respect user privacy settings in message user info (default behavior)
  • Profile Tab not displaying the correct content
  • Empty space in user info area when no user fields were present
  • "auto-focus" causing page jump in FireFox when viewing GamerCard signature profile page.
  • Tooltip for facebook icon
Cleaned up the templates and removed all redundant comments.

The new templates for adding icons have a working example in them already, users just need to create the custom user fields for these to work.

Destiny was added to the icon list and it requires the use of 2 user fields so you can link to for the user's stats.


Go to ACP -> Users -> Custom User Fields -> Create New User Field
This sets the system the user plays on so the correct link is generated to
Basic Information Tab
Field ID: destinySystem
Title: Destiny System
Description: Choose the system you play Destiny on
Display Location: Contact Details
Display Order: 9
Field Type: Radio Buttons

Options for Choice Fields

Possible Choices:
xbox | XBOX
ps | PS


Create another Custom Field with the info below

Basic Information Tab

Field ID: destinyUserProfile
Title: Destiny
Description: Enter your Destiny player name here, usually your XBOX or PSN name
Display Location: Contact Details
Display Order: 9
Field Type: Single-line Text Box