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This add-on is no longer in active development, it is supported natively in XenForo 1.4 and above.

Add-on is now managed by @Deebs

This add-on allows XenForo to monitor your community's email address for bounced emails - it can then take action against users that don't have valid email addresses.

If a bounced email is detected from one your community members it will change the state of the user to Email Invalid (Bounced) in XenForo 1.3, or User awaiting confirmation (from edit) in older versions.


Firstly, it is recommended you create a new email address for your communities messages, e.g. community@example.com. The add-on will be reading (and deleting!) the emails, so you really don't want to use your personal account!

It is designed to only read/delete bounced emails, but this is an early release!

Next you configure the add-on (Options -> [FreddysHouse] Bounced Email) with the host, username and password for the email address and set the email address as your "Bounced Email Address" (or make it the default).


That's it.
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