Resources by SheepCow

[FreddysHouse] Two-factor Authentication SheepCow
Add two-factor authentication to your community.
[FreddysHouse] Bounced Email SheepCow
Unmaintained [FreddysHouse] Bounced Email 0.1.6
Who said email delivery reports were useless ...
[FreddysHouse] Member Page Protection SheepCow
Provides more granular controls over the member list.
[FreddysHouse] Signature Once SheepCow
Unmaintained [FreddysHouse] Signature Once 1.2.1
Control how often signatures are displayed (each user's signature once per page or once per thread)
[FreddysHouse] Logger SheepCow
Unmaintained [FreddysHouse] Logger 1.0.4
Provides logging for various FreddysHouse add-ons.
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