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This small add-on allows users to have their signature displayed only once per page of a thread or once per-thread. All subsequent messages from the user will have the signature hidden.
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  1. Permissions support & minor fix

    The add-on ID has changed, I recommend un-installing and re-installing rather than updating...

Latest reviews

This is a nice feature we were missing since migrating from vB to XF. It still allows users to see signatures, and puts an end to all the needless repetition of such. Well done!
Great add-on! Easy, perfectly done and well-thought out. This is exactly what we needed. Working great at XenForo 1.4.x

Thanks for this.............
It's working, thanks for this great addon
A must have for any forum
installed on 1.1.4 and it works great, thanks!
Wow what a difference. Pages load faster and less clutter. Members get to have their signatures and board owners have some sanity! Good compromise. Thanks for this.
Works great thanks, now I don't need to see the same sig over and over in one thread.
My pages are loading faster and I'm less annoyed by long signatures now having this addon installed thanks to SheepCow :) Two thumbs up!
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