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SheepCow updated [FreddysHouse] Signature Once with a new update entry:

Permissions support & minor fix

This version adds an "Enable signature once" permission to decide if the user should benefit from add-on.

You will almost certainly want to enable it for all users, but it gives you the flexibility to turn it off for others (e.g. discouraged).

Also fixes an issue where a moderated or deleted post that wasn't actually visible would have the signature on, and all other posts by the user would have it removed.
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did an update. uninstalled it installed it . set permission but doesnt work anymore? using latest xf.

Now uninstalled the latest version and installed the old version. Works again... If i uninstall and install the new update it stops working.
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This doesnt seem to be working for me on 1.3.2 - is there a built in option now in Xenforo to restrict signatures to only once per page?
Works on 1.3.4. Though I did have an issue with the "Forbidden" on the permissions.

I set all members to "Yes" but I wanted my admin's signatures (with important links to FAQs and like) to appear behind all their posts. While Signature Once worked normally if an admin posted on that page it seems the "Forbidden" setting got shared with all members on that page regardless of rank.