[FreddysHouse] Bounced Email

Unmaintained [FreddysHouse] Bounced Email 0.1.6

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Fixes a bug in the status code detection that meant the add-on failed to detect certain types of bounces. Thanks to @NixFifty for helping to track it down.
This is still an early release - use at your own peril, please do setup a totally separate email account!

This version changes actions the add-on will take to simply change the state of the user to Bouncing emails in XenForo 1.3, or Awaiting confirmation (from edit) in older versions.

The add-on now supports IMAP and POP3, however is a twist of fate I've only tested the IMAP support in this version.

Also, the add-on now supports selecting which bounce states are treated as a permanent failure and therefore cause the user's state to be changed.

  • Fixes the default value for one of the options.
  • Fixes possible incorrect files in previous release (damn you Google Drive).
Fixes exception during upgrade
Reactions: yavuz
This version deals with some of the feedback received so far:

  • The conversation title and body are now phrases and the correct language for the user is chosen. The phrases are FHBouncedEmail_conversation_title and FHBouncedEmail_conversation_body (@yavuz).
  • If "Send bounced conversation from" is a real user, the user will automatically leave the conversation (so it doesn't fill up their conversations list).
  • Any conversations created are automatically set to not allow replies.
  • The default conversation message has been tweaked to make it more obvious what the user should do (@Alfa1).
  • If the user was added to a user group they will be removed from it when they change their email address.