FAQ Manager by Iversia

Unmaintained FAQ Manager by Iversia 3.2.0

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Excellent, extremely reasonable pricing for branding, does the job well, lots of options and an essential addition to my sites. Kudos.
Must have! needed to explain lots of things about forum and ..., but not interested in creating threads. Exactly what I needed. Thanks.
Must have!
Plugin author is extremely responsive
Fantastic add-on and works very well. Love all the features!
An excellent Add-on I wish I would have utilized sooner. With quick responses and support from the Author it's undeniably one of the best assets to have around.
Works for Xenoforo 1.3 and does what it says.
Extremely useful addon :)
So good I will donate
One of nifty little add-ons that make you wonder why it wasn't part of the stock release! Great work!
Excellent replacement for the default help area. Much more comprehensive and easier to use/update. Should be a part of the XF core!
This one is extremely useful, easy to manage and immensly helpful when informing users of what they can and can't do. With this installed, the Help pages are more or less a waste of space, IMO.
Great add-on
Very usefull thing
Love it. Thanks!
Really good FAQ add-on. Thanks for sharing it!
Excellent FAQ manager.DBAD license is the cherry on top.
This's a great add, thanks for your work.
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