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No permission to download
Where can I download the version for XenForo 1.2?

The download for 1.2 may be found here. Please note that this is now an older version and is officially unsupported. It also does not have all of the features that the current version does (image attachments, etc.).

I have questions added, but the [faq] BB Code says question not found.

To reduce retrieval duplication, questions are cached before they can be used in the [faq] BB Code. The cache is updated once an hour. If you would like to force a cache update, please go to Tools > Cron Entries in your Admin CP and manually run the [Iversia] FAQ Update BB Code Cache cron.

I cannot Like FAQ answers!
  1. Please ensure that you have enabled "Likes" via your FAQ Manager add-on options.
  2. Please ensure that you have enabled the group permission (Can Like FAQ answers) for Liking answers.
  3. Users are unable to Like questions/answers that they themselves have added.
  4. Guests are never allowed to Like questions.
My users cannot submit questions!

Please ensure that their user group has the proper permissions ("Ask new questions" enabled). Unregistered guests cannot submit questions.

I'm getting bombarded with Like notifications!

To turn off Like notifications, please go to your account's Alert Preferences page and uncheck Likes your FAQ answer.

The FAQ statistics are not updating!

FAQ Statistics are updated once a day via a cron. You may run this manually by going to Tools > Cron Entries in your Admin CP and running the [Iversia] FAQ Update Statistics cron.

The "Slide Open" option is not working.

Please make sure that you have uploaded the included JavaScript file into your forum root (js/faq/iversia/faq/jquery.faq.js), and that you have JavaScript enabled in your web browser.

Questions are not showing up in search results!

Please make sure you have version 2.2.0+ installed, and then rebuild your search index. Go to: Tools -> Rebuild Caches -> Rebuild Search Index. Select 'xf_faq_question' and then rebuild your cache.

How do I remove the sidebar?

You may remove the sidebar by adding "#faqSidebar {display:none}" to your EXTRA.css file.
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