ElasticSearch Essentials

ElasticSearch Essentials 3.12.3

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  • Require minimum version of XF2.1.8+
  • Improve handling of int-like options for CLI bulk search indexer (php cmd.php xf-rebuild:search-bulk)
  • On the advanced search page, automatically support include/exclude tags for taggable content, or content which groups to taggable content.
  • On searching with include/exclude tags, only search content which supports tags.
    • This results in only searching threads when searching from the 'search threads' tab when normally it would search threads and posts.
    • Add option "Project container tags into content tags", this allows tag-based search to work on posts rather than just threads.
    • Changing this option will require re-indexing!
  • When autocomplete is open, do not close search menu when escape key is pressed
  • Move autocomplete result row format into XF template system, and use menu-row/contentRow/etc to better match native styling
  • Add search option "Search only containers", this allows only searching threads vs searching threads & posts
    • Add style property "Enable 'Search only containers' search option" to control if this option is displayed
    • Add style property "Default 'Search only containers' search option" to control if this is default selected (default is unselected)
  • Work-around XF design limitation where a search URl operating on "thread" content type ignores constraints that "post" supports
  • Enhance search/member endpoint to support c[newer_than] URL argument
  • Add per-content-type limits for search auto-complete, this may cause additional ElasticSearch queries
  • Fix "[E_NOTICE] Undefined index: stemming_language"
  • Fix "Search titles only" feature incorrectly looking at 'exact message body' if that feature is enabled
  • Fix "Display to mobile users" in similar thread widget being in-effective
  • Fix that extended Enhanced search - Index configuration options did not apply on initial configuration
  • Fix installer upgrade path migrating similar thread widget options (Applies for pre-v3.6.x upgrades), please check similar thread widget options.
  • Improve php cmd.php xf-rebuild:search-bulk to implement multi-threaded indexing for all search types
    • This can significantly speed-up search re-indexing if a large number of CPU cores are available.
    • An example is re-indexing ~40 million odd posts in ~30 minutes vs +6 hours with enough CPU and NVMe SSDs
  • Add options for "Exact text search - title"/"Exact text search - body" options (under Enhanced search configuration). Requires re-indexing to apply.
    Exact text search indexes text with and without word-stemming, and thus increases the search index size.
    Searching for quoted text to match non-stemmed words, and will ignore stemmed words
  • Move standard auto-complete icon into template svElasticSearchEssentials_user_auto_complete_icon
  • Fix that "postings" profile tab would never show deleted content, by supporting moderator "Include deleted" search option
  • Allow non-moderator users with global "View deleted threads / posts" permission to search for deleted content
  • Reduce amount of data loaded when viewing a user's "Post Area" profile tab
  • Fix "Only search deleted" search feature not working
  • Fix "Push specific content type permission checks into general search" option not working
  • Change Post Area to respect the "View threads by others", not just forum visibility
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  • Fix user's "include deleted" option was not being respected in "find content" search
  • Fix incorrect phrase on similar thread widget page
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This is a XenForo 2.2 and 2.1 compatible release, and due to the unexpected time taken an extra 4 months have been added to existing license holders

  • Require php 7.0+
  • Now depends on Standard Library by Xon
  • Now depends on Browser detection
  • If installed, require Redis View Counters v2.1.0+
  • Fix incorrectly displaying deleted results that where deleted after the search was started and "Enable suggestions only for the first page of search results" is true
  • Fix setting the option "Content types to autocomplete" to empty
  • Fix "Weight by X" features not working for ElasticSearch v6+
  • Fix setting the option "Content types to autocomplete" to empty
  • Auto-complete now respects "Enable accent removal and character simplification" option
  • Support custom queries querying against ngram-based title field in addition to title/body
  • Only index auto-complete field if that content type is configured for it, this can space in the elasticsearch index
  • Extend Enhanced Search Setup page with relevant options
  • Add "Push specific content type permission checks into general search" option to work-around unexpectedly expensive php permission checks
  • Add support for "Weight by reply count (threads)"
  • Add option "Apply ngram filter at search time" to support tuning the ngram auto-complete filter
  • Add "Minimum clauses that should match" option, exposing more of Simple query string query | Elasticsearch Reference [7.10] | Elastic configuration options
  • Add "Title boost" option, exposing more of Simple query string query | Elasticsearch Reference [7.10] | Elastic configuration options
  • Fix double-encoding of cache values, which is surprisingly expensive
  • Move options for similar threads list on thread view into Widget system, with option to suppress XFES 2.2's implementation.
  • Fix user change log showing raw column names added by this add-on
  • php 7.4 compatibility fix in mobile detection code
  • Fix autocomplete link to AMS article
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  • Fix auto-complete not respecting the search spesiifity's content-type restriction (ie this <container>, this <type>, vs everywhere)
  • Add "Show similar content to bots" option
  • Add "older than" to date-range search, with a style property to revert to previous UI
  • Add search auto-complete for @Bob's AMS and XFRM
  • Add support for CLI command xf-rebuild:search-bulk's "--newest-first" for @Bob's AMS and XFRM

Post install requirements;
  • Re-index XFRM & AMS content
  • Update the "Content types to autocomplete" option to include "Resource" and "Article Item" as required