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  1. N

    Search Improvements by Xon - FRENCH translation

    nicodak submitted a new resource: Search Improvements by Xon - FRENCH translation - A french translation of the Search Improvements add-on by Xon Read more about this resource...
  2. Ozzy47

    Search Improvements by Xon - FRENCH translation 2.8.4

    French translation of the Search Improvements add-on from @Xon
  3. A

    Elasticsearch localhost should not be checking if certificate is self signed

    when installing elasticsearch, now elasticsearch enables https by default and disables http by default. Xenforo should not be checking for if the cert is self signed if elasticsearch is on localhost. solution: add a argument to check if elastic search is localhost, if true then allow self...
  4. Will Franco

    SOP to improve search results, beyond Elastic Search

    Does anyone have a best practice/SOP for improving search results? Step 1: Install Elastic search (and configure) Step 2: ??? Many thanks, Will
  5. T

    Getting issus of elastic search. Search is not working.

    Hello, I am using "XenForo Enhanced Search" . I am suddenly gettting error of 'elastic no working' when I chec status of elastisearch it shows that is is failed to active. Please suggest hwo to fix this issue. sudo service elasticsearch status ● elasticsearch.service - Elasticsearch...
  6. X

    ElasticSearch Essentials 3.15.12

    Requires: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/browser-detection.7223/https://xenforo.com/community/resources/search-improvements.6838/ This add-on requires ElasticSearch v2.0 or newer, it does not support 1.x or older! Search Bar Auto Complete When your users type in the search bar on...
  7. P

    Fixed Bug / Questionable code in the XFES plugin XF 2.1

    In the following file : ../addons/XFES/Service/Optimizer.php theres a check on line 38 that fails if(!$config['mappings']) { return true; } If "mappings" is not in the $config array, it will throw an "Undefined Index" error I've fixed this on my copy by changing it to :-...
  8. Alpha1

    Is it possible to search for exact phrases? (XFES)

    I tried to search for "blocking" in the resource manager, but get a lot of results for 'block'. Is it possible to search for an exact phrase without synonyms kicking in?
  9. S

    Awaiting feedback elastic search needs a config disable option

    We just had a situation in which there was no path to our elastic search server. Admincp could not even be opened to turn off elastic search because it tries to connect to elastic search. In the end I tried to disable the option directly via database which also did not work (cached, I guess.) I...
  10. Sunka

    Elasticsearch v2.x.x

    As @RoldanLT wrote in his post, elasticsearch v2.3.0 is out. Updated and seems to working OK on my forum :) # yum clean all Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, priorities Cleaning repos: base elasticsearch-2.x epel extras mariadb remi-safe rpmforge : updates Cleaning up everything...
  11. Stuart Wright

    Is Elastic Search 2 noticeably faster?

    We're still on 1.4.4 and I've asked my host to upgrade. He'll take it up to the version he's comfortable to support. Almost certainly 2. Maybe 2.2.0. Obviously I'd expect the search to be 'better', but will I notice any difference, do you think on a forum with 2 million threads and 20 million...
  12. P

    Cannot reproduce Stemming analyzer deselects

    Hi, With version 2.1.1 which I tried today the analyzer goes back to standard analyzer when you rebuild with 2.1.1. To reproduce, change elastic to 2.1.1 verify the reported version. Select stemming analyzer with language. Delete index and rebuild. Check elasticsearch setup and it will be...
  13. CreationNation

    2 admincp open while indexing?

    While my indexing is processing, is it safe to have another admincp open doing other things, or not recommended?
  14. Daniel Hood

    Add-on ElasticSearch Essentials

    Let me start by saying it'd require ElasticSearch and XenES. Would anyone be interested in an add-on that suggested alternate searches based on typos made in the search string? If so, how much would you pay for such an add-on? I used the ElasticSearch suggestions api for my day job (we use...
  15. Alpha1

    Search for content in a specific language

    The Enhanced Search setup seems to dictate a single language setup. Yet, it would be very helpful to cater to websites that have multilingual setups. i.e. provide stemming analyzers for multiple languages.
  16. Daniel Hood

    Boosting Results

    I think it'd nice to take advantage of some of the boosting options available in ElasticSearch. I could see improvements to the search results by adding: Boost Nodes Provide a boosted rating (1.0 defualt) to each node, this could be negative or positive (you could make off topic nodes sink and...
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