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Daniel Hood

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I think it'd nice to take advantage of some of the boosting options available in ElasticSearch. I could see improvements to the search results by adding:
  • Boost Nodes
    • Provide a boosted rating (1.0 defualt) to each node, this could be negative or positive (you could make off topic nodes sink and make announcements swim for example).
  • Boost Thread Prefixes
    • Same concept
  • Boost Content Types
    • Could make thread and posts bubble past profile posts
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I'd like to be able to make resources show higher in search results than other content types.

It'd also be nice to give videos higher precedence than images when searching the media gallery.
In my opinion, this one is definitely a must-have. I'm actually quite surprised this was suggested so many years ago and it still isn't implemented, especially now with how easy it is to add different content types.
My free Search Improvements add-on implements boosting by content types. Implementing boosting by nodes wouldn't be hard, but kinda tricky to implement well (ie search weighting is voodoo).

I've got a paid add-on ElasticSearch Essentials which does a lot more.

But honestly part of the problem is XF's search infrastructure isn't terribly nice for implementing this sort of feature, while retaining compatibility with MySQL search.
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