ElasticSearch Essentials

ElasticSearch Essentials 3.12.3

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  • Prevent case where an elasticsearch error could be triggered by an autocomplete query with non-continuous child forum node ids
    • Work-around for similar stock XenForo bug for thread search and arbitrary forum nodes, most commonly seen by constructed search queries
  • Fix support for XF2.2+ "Writing before registering" when replacing XFES similar threads on thread creation
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Reactions: Sunka and Joe Link
  • Code cleanup around add-on options handling during install/upgrades
  • Fix "Auto complete results limit" option being ignored
  • Remove redundant join, as this add-on forces XFES to use caching provider if configured.
  • Do not fetch user activity records in similar thread block as these records are not used
  • Improvements to xf-rebuild:search-bulk;
    • Sort content types to index from least number of items to most, to get the most types done the quickest.
    • Allow multiple --content-type arguments to specify more than one content type to index
  • Remove potentially buggy redis cache invalidation code in the installer.
    • To manually purge a redis cache the following CLI command can be used;
      redis-cli keys \*ESESimilar\* | xargs redis-cli del
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  • Fix incorrect lifespan for similar thread cached keys
  • If using Redis, similar thread cache keys are purged by the installer. For other cache backends the cache must be manually flushed
  • Fix xf-rebuild:search-bulk not respecting batch-size or worker count CLI options
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Reactions: Sunka
  • Fix using title boost would result in search not searching the expected fields.
  • Force global namespace for functions which are known to be optimizable to bytecode in php
  • Apply title/exact title boost when scoring 'relevancy' for auto-complete