ElasticSearch Essentials

ElasticSearch Essentials 3.15.9

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  • Fix moderator "Include deleted" search preference not being injected when "Search Options" preference section added by Search Improvements
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  • Update "Search first posts only" phrase & style property to "Search titles and first posts only" to match Search Improvements
  • Change 'search only x' phrase to 'search x only' to match XF
  • Fix searchcontent bb-code from Advanced Bb-codes pack attempting to set the search order did not work
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  • Fix "Invalid argument supplied for foreach()" when using the XFES widget and the option "Replace Enhanced Search 2.2's suggest threads implementation" when similar threads finds no results
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  • Workaround XF bug where searching by a list of prefixes could cause the search to unexpectedly fail.
  • Fix XFES similar thread widget when "Replace Enhanced Search 2.2's suggest threads implementation" option was enabled would not show results on the first view
  • Fix similar thread's suggest limit would be ignored (and default to "all" visible forums) if a subforum was marked to be excluded from similar threads
  • Fix various numerical options which did not step in the incremental values as intended, while allowing arbitrary values in the range to be entered
  • Fix redundant queries being triggered when using XFES widget when "Replace Enhanced Search 2.2's suggest threads implementation" is set
  • Fix setting similar thread cache time to 0 didn't disable caching
  • Improve backend for similar thread widget to be more extendable, to be used in searchcontent bb-code in Advanced Bbcode pack add-on
  • Recommend Search Improvements v2.10.0+
  • Remove redundant template modification as Search Improvements is required
  • Simplify how Report Improvements report/warning search results are filtered, as that add-on now does much of that
  • Remove how this add-on enriches member search with search arguments, as SV/SearchImprovements has replaced this feature with a better version
  • Require Search Improvements v2.9.0+
  • Require Standard Library by Xon v1.18.0+
  • If installed, require Report Improvements v2.14.0+
  • Add caching to auto-complete hot-path to avoid fetching the entire category list for various supported types
  • Fix phrase 'include deleted' phrase being re-used in separate contexts (ie for translation purposes)
  • Fix ajax on the advanced search form was disabled when the showing suggestions on few results was enabled. Really this time.
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