ElasticSearch Essentials

ElasticSearch Essentials 3.12.3

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  • Fix "Exclude this forum" and "Exclude this forum and child forums" on forums not being respected when starting from a forum with "all" (for similar threads & auto-complete)
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  • Fix that "View older results" would return a "enter a value for the required field" instead of "No results found"
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  • Fix for "count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable"
  • Do exact phrase matching when doing auto-complete/similar threads in addition to fuzzy match for hopefully better results
  • Implement (optional) weighing by reaction/view totals. Supports XF2.0,XF2.0+Content Rating & XF2.1
    • If a weighting value is added for reaction/view totals reindexing is required.
    • If using Redis View Counters add-on, requires v2.0.4+
  • Only show 'deleted content search' options for moderators, this did not disclose deleted content but removes a UI option users may find confusing.
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  • Fix ElasticSearch type mapping coloring text when no error occurred
  • CLI command xf-rebuild:search-bulk now works with XF2.1, and can be restarted
  • Use correct permission check on 'similar thread on create' feature
  • Return not-found instead of permission denied if accessing disabled autocomplete or similar thread feature
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  • Prevent "Template error: Function can_show_autocomplete_on_platform is unknown" errors during upgrade/install/uninstall.
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ElasticSearch v7 compatibility requires XenForo 2.1.0+ and XFES v2.1.1+, updating ElasticSearch without those versions will result in non-functioning search. This add-on still works for ElasticSearch v6 or earlier on earlier versions of XenForo & XFES
  • Fix compatibility with XFES2.1.1 when ElasticSearch v7 is installed
  • Fix issue preventing recreating the index with ElasticSearch v7
  • In ElasticSearch type mapping section, add coloring for rows which do not match as expected
  • Fix UI.X support for simlar threads (again)
  • Avoid injecting an empty row for some 3rd party styles when auto-complete has no results
  • Reduce redundant query behaviour when viewing a thread with similar threads
  • Expose 'similar threads on create' cache time limit (default 60 seconds)
  • Avoid N+1 query behaviour when listing threads in a similar thread block when reading from cache
  • On Thread creation; Empty similar thread container if no title
  • Show forum name in similar thread list if the thread is not from the same forum as the thread
  • Improve handling of auto-complete, around constraints and back-end handling
  • XenFocus style support fixes for auto-complete and similar threads on thread create
  • Workaround for XFES bug which can cause errors with "Do to you mean?" functionality
  • Add "Elastic Search Type mappings" section to ElasticSearch configuration to diagnose why "Optimization required" can sometimes unexpectedly return "yes".
    • Search for not matching/unexpected/expected in this list.
    • Add-on name may be inferable from the field name.
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