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Unmaintained Daily Thread Actions 2016-05-10

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.3
  2. 1.4
  3. 1.5
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Based on one or more custom textual rules, this plugin searches threads by criteria like
  • Forum ID
  • Locked/open state
  • Sticky state
  • Soft-deletion state
  • Thread prefix
  • Age of last post in days
  • OP user groups
  • OP user ID
  • and/or arbitrary combinations
and then, once a day,
  • moves them to another forum
  • lock/unlock them
  • stick/unstick them
  • soft-delete/undelete them
  • assigns another prefix to them
  • and/or arbitrary combinations

Explanation and examples how to write the rules can be found in the options page of the plugin. It's not hard, but please read it carefully. A wrong rule can eg. move all threads or your site to a single subform, without an easy way to revert it.

About logging:
This plugin makes no entries in the moderation log. If configured, the affected thread IDs of the last daily execution can be logged to a file, in the directory where the PHP files are. It can be viewed over FTP/SSH/... there. Note that it will overwrite the last file every day.

The plugin makes no structural DB changes.

  1. Upload the "Sheel" folder to library/ of you Xenforo installation and install the XML file in the ACP.
  2. Go to the option page and read the explanation of the rule syntax, and how to test rules before actually executing them. The remaining steps should be clear then.
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