1. S

    Unmaintained Daily Thread Actions 2016-05-10

    Purpose Based on one or more custom textual rules, this plugin searches threads by criteria like Forum ID Locked/open state Sticky state Soft-deletion state Thread prefix Age of last post in days OP user groups OP user ID and/or arbitrary combinations and then, once a day, moves them to...
  2. Y

    XF 1.3 How to clean my XF Database ?

    Hi, Before, excuse me for my bad English, I will try to speak to the best. I try to improve my english myself everyday. My actually problem with my forum, it is with database : Actually totally size (only xf) : With ranking from size (with big more databases) : My site is too long to...
  3. Kevin

    XF 1.4 Query to find unassigned prefixes?

    After the dust has settled of doing a few forum merges I'm cleaning up stuff. Can anybody suggest a query to run to find prefixes that are not assigned to any forums?
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