1. TickTackk

    Daily Reaction Limit 1.0.4

    Daily Reaction Limit for XenForo 2.1.7+ Description This add-on allows to limit the amount of reactions user can give daily. Requirements PHP 7.3.0+ Options Group Name Description Daily Reaction Limit Reaction limit type Select the type of reaction limit that will be provided...
  2. TickTackk

    Unmaintained Daily Like Limit 1.0.0

    For XenForo 2.1+: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/daily-reaction-limit.7642/ Features Limit the maximum amount of times a user can like daily based on user group permission Feature requests This add-on is a fairly very small and simple add-on for now so I'm open to both feature...
  3. S

    Unmaintained Daily Thread Actions 2016-05-10

    Purpose Based on one or more custom textual rules, this plugin searches threads by criteria like Forum ID Locked/open state Sticky state Soft-deletion state Thread prefix Age of last post in days OP user groups OP user ID and/or arbitrary combinations and then, once a day, moves them to...