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A work of art if you'd like to use your existing XF accounts on a completely separate site using OAuth 2.0.
loving it, thanks a lot
This Add-On saved us much time when migrating from our proprietary authentication API to oAuth.

It works flawlessly with the oAuth Client from "The League of Extraordinary Packages".

This is one of my favorite addons. Works great!
Really useful API that allows us to link external systems such as minecraft servers and more to our forum to perform various automated tasks!
Essential add-on! Significantly improves the ability to safely access your forum data programmatically.
Works great! Amazingly response and support from dev! Plugin works great!
Very nice add-on, makes it very easy to integrate other services with your forum. I've been able to easily extend the API by adding my own routes, scopes etc. The documentation isn't perfect but the example code (especially for the oAuth consumer) made it simple to understand what was going on.
This allows login from another (slave) site and it seems possible that it could be extended for letting mediawiki or wordpress site visitors also login with XF credentials, etc.
Great addon! Seriously improved unifying forum and rest of our site. And that is RESTful is a sweet bonus!
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