Resources by Sim

Banner Advert Generator Sim
Generates simple image-based banner adverts to help you style advert placements
API endpoint: Find a User by Criteria Sim
Adds an API endpoint to find a user by criteria: user_id, email, or username
Sort Warnings Sim
Beta Sort Warnings 1.0.0b1
Sort warnings alphabetically
Hide Signatures Sim
Beta Hide Signatures 1.1.0b1
Add a permission setting to control who can hide signatures
Account Upgrades Info Sim
Beta Account Upgrades Info 1.0.0b1
Add information to the account upgrades page
Approval Queue Plus Sim
Adds extra information to the Approval Queue
How to make a XenForo forum private (no guest access) Sim
Detailed instructions on how to make a site private with no guest access to content
Archive Site Sim
Archive Site 1.1.1
Put a site into archive mode and hide unnecessary features from guests
How to archive a XenForo forum to make it read-only Sim
Detailed instructions on how to archive and optimise a site that is no longer active
Home Page Title Sim
Set a custom title for the home page instead of boardTitle
Time Zone Debug Sim
Check your timezone settings for debugging time display issues on the forum.
Use a Linode Block Storage Volume for your XenForo attachments Sim
How to move your attachments directory to a resizeable block storage volume on Linode
Content BBCode Sim
Beta Content BBCode 2.0.0
Adds various content linking BBCode tags to XenForo, including [THREAD], [POST], [SEARCH], [TAG], [X
Adds extra info to the Moderated Users approval queue
Unmaintained Guzzle6 for XenForo 2.0 1.3.0
Provides a replacement Guzzle v6.x implementation for XenForo 2.0
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