CLI Job Runner for XF 2.1

CLI Job Runner for XF 2.1 1.5.0

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v1.5.0 makes some back-end changes to the way we manage the lock files and fixes an issue where long running jobs could see multiple job runners executing at the same time
  • code cleanup: we don't need a custom app class to show jobs
  • new CLI command: hg:show-crons
  • new CLI command: hg:run-cron
  • add logQuiet function to LoggerTrait
  • rebuilt Lock functionality to use a non-static class, managed by a SubContainer
  • ensure lock expiry is at least 30 seconds after the max execution time (10 minutes)
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v1.4.2 simply adds a check for the installer to prevent installation on XenForo 2.2 - need to install v2 of the JobRunner addon for XF 2.2 compatibility.

There is no need for existing users of this addon running on XenForo v2.1 to upgrade to v1.4.2
  • rename "Job run trigger" command to avoid issues after upgrading to XF v2.2
Note: If you have set the Job Run Trigger to "Server", you'll need to change it again after upgrading to v1.4.1 because the option name has changed
I've back-ported the new CLI Job Runner and debugger I built for XF v2.2 (which is a drop-in replacement for the built in xf:run-jobs command that comes with XF2.2).


- please use the version available here:

The command is called hg:run-jobs and does the same thing that xf:run-jobs does, but with more options and functionality.

Changes in this release
  • now includes an admin option to enable/disable the activity based trigger so you don't have to disable the addon to restore activity based triggers
  • allows commands to process jobs/crons for up to 10 minutes at a time, even when triggered every minute from a cron task (uses a lock file to prevent multiple executions in parallel) - ideal for improving job performance on high traffic sites
  • more logging functionality for debugging jobs and cron tasks
  • command has been renamed from xf:run-jobs to hg:run-jobs
  • XenForo v2.0 is no longer supported (it might work, but I haven't tested it)
  • Now requires PHP v7.0.0 or higher
Upgrading from v1.3
  1. Install v1.4.x of the addon
  2. change your unix cron entry to execute hg:run-jobs instead of xf:run-jobs - all parameters remain the same
  3. optional: adjust the --time option to anything up to 600 seconds (10 minutes) to allow job processing to take as long as it needs. For example: --time 180 will allow the Job Runner to execute for up to 3 minutes at a time
New features:
  • implemented debug logger for Job execution time tracking
  • extend the XF\Job\Cron class with new run function which logs execution time for cron tasks
  • added new Cli command and test job for testing purposes
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Thanks to @Xon for identifying the bug fix where AJAX JSON responses would still trigger job.php; and for making suggestions on avoiding unnecessary database queries and prevent running cron jobs unless triggered via our CLI job runner
  • changes: disable calculations for job auto run time to avoid unnecessary database queries
  • bug fix: disable AJAX auto job runner from triggering from AJAX JSON responses
  • changes: don't allow cron tasks to execute unless triggered via the CLI job runner
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  • changes: new icon
  • bug fix: should return 0 for successful execution
  • new feature: show-jobs command
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Minor update for XF2.0 and now tested on XF2.1
  • we still want to run jobs if the user has disabled version checking in config
  • clear entity cache each time we run a job, to keep memory usage under control
Same version, new addon_id.

If you already have v1.0.0 installed, there is no need to upgrade. There is no new functionality in v1.0.0a. New installations should use this v1.0.0a version to ensure compatibility with future releases.

Due to the change in addon_id, upgrading from v1.0.0 to v1.0.0a is not supported - but there is no data stored with this addon, so simply uninstalling v1.0.0 before installing v1.0.0a will be sufficient.
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