Resources by Sim

Known Bots Sim
Known Bots 6.0.3
Adds additional definitions for bot detection in sessions
What's New Digest Sim
Sends daily, weekly or monthly emails containing highlights of what's new
Location Explain Sim
Add an explanation to the location field
SparkPost Mail Transport for XF 2.2 Sim
Swiftmailer v6 transport implementation for SparkPost
Private Site Sim
Private Site 1.1.0
Hide unnecessary features from guests on a private site
Monolog Logging Service Sim
Provides Monolog logging facilities for XenForo 2.x addons
CLI Job / Cron Runner Sim
An advanced CLI triggered job runner for Unix cron with extensive debugging support
View Staff Online Sim
Beta View Staff Online 1.0.1
Add a permission setting to control who can view the Staff Online widget
Log Digest Sim
Log Digest v3.0.1
Sends XenForo logs to administrators via email
Additional advertisement positions for XenForo Media Gallery
Items This Page Sim
Beta Items This Page 1.1.0
Add template variable $xf.itemsThisPage for how many posts/media items/resources/etc are on a page
Beta Hide Sidebar 1.0.0
Hide sidebar on selected nodes
Template Parent Sim
Beta Template Parent 1.0.0
Template variable $xf.reply.templateParent groups all thread_view* and forum_view* templates
Hide Adverts Sim
Beta Hide Adverts 1.1.0
Add a permission setting to control who can hide adverts
CLI Job Runner for XF 2.1 Sim
Disables the browser triggered job runner and implements a CLI triggered job runner for Unix cron
What's New Digest adapter for SparkPost Sim
SparkPost specific integration for What's New Digest
SparkPost Mail Transport Sim
Swiftmailer Transport implementation for SparkPost
Learn how to unit test your XenForo addons to make them more robust and error-free
Geoblock Registration Sim
Ban or moderate users from specific countries when registering using Maxmind's GeoLite2 Database
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