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Log Digest v3.0.1

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.1
  2. 2.2
Additional requirements
PHP 7.0+
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This XenForo 2.x addon sends a summary of XenForo logs to administrators via email.

Currently only server error logs are implemented.

This runs using a XenForo cron task and can be configured to check for new log entries on a fixed interval (minimum 5 minutes). So you could have it send a daily or weekly digest if you aren't interested in receiving emails more frequently.

You can also configure a maximum number of logs to include in each email (if more than the maximum logs exist since the last time it was checked, you will receive additional emails (once per check period), until caught up.

You may also optionally have it de-duplicate logs where it will notify you about duplicates, but the full log data won't be included in the output and won't be counted towards the maximum log count for that email.

Finally, log times can be configured to display in a certain time zone.

Configuration screen:


Test page:

Use the test page to generate a test email containing up to 5 of the most recently generate log entries (most recent first). Optionally generate a test exception if you don't currently have any exceptions logged.


Reset Last Checked:

When testing, you can reset the "last checked" date and log id so that all current log entries become candidates for emailing again.

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