[Andrew] Moderator Panel

[Andrew] Moderator Panel 1.4.2

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  • ADDED: discouraged users visibility
  • ADDED: view discouraged user permission
  • ADDED:Added rejected user log
  • ADDED: view rejected user log permission
  • ADDED: spam cleaner log
  • ADDED: view spam cleaner log permission
  • ADDED: sidebar to member edit screen
  • CHANGED: "Thread ban list" phrase to "Thread reply bans"
  • REMOVED: an used template
  • FIXED: Pagination does not work on change logs
    • This should have been fixed on the last release, but apparently, I had two templates for the same thing and had updated the one not in use
  • FIXED: Pagination does not work on moderator logs
  • FIXED: Pagination does not work on change logs
  • FIXED: Recently banned users is spelled wrong
  • FIXED: Display poorly when using the public sidebar
  • ADDED: Add user name change log
  • ADDED: Permission to view user name change log
  • CHANGED: Replace existing input box with dropdown for "protected usergroup" in admincp