[Andrew] Moderator Panel

[Andrew] Moderator Panel 1.3.0

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An essential tool for forums that have a team of moderators. It adds the functionality we previously had with VB. Everything is in one convenient place, without them having to have access to Admin Console.
My mods like it, they were misssing some features from vbulletin modcp and this addon give they even more :D
Absolutely love this.. Thank you for offering this to us.. I think my mods will love it! Easy to use and set up..
Extremely well made addon and easy to use. My Mods love it and it's really easy to keep track of things and manage things. Thanks a lot for making this!
One of the best and most useful addons I know. Very clear and easy to configure, very good and clear variety of information, even for moderators that XF does not offer. Thanks @Andrew