[Andrew] Moderator Panel

[Andrew] Moderator Panel 1.9.4

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Q: How does protected users work?

If enabled, users part of the protected user group can only be banned with users that have the permission "ban protected users". Users with "ban users" permission will not be able to ban protected users. You can either manually add users to the protected users user group or you could use the built Xenforo feature to promote users to this user group.

Q: Can I access the user file from the forum?

Yes, you just need to click the drop down on the member card and select "User file"

Q: Are you planning on adding to this add-on?

Absolutely, I use this add-on on my website and welcome ideas on additional features or reports

Q: How do I fix an incorrect user note count?

You can rebuild the user notes cache in the admin panel

Q: What exactly is "Force ignore"?

Users experience will be the same whether they are ignoring a user or a moderator has force ignored a user for them. The only difference is that users are unable to ignore on users that have been forced ignored.

Q: What happens to users force ignored if I uninstall this add-on?

If you uninstall this add-on then the users will remain on ignored but users will be able to remove the ignore

Q: Why do I need to disable the Report Improvements add-on when rebuilding warnings given?

This add-on will reopen the report when the particular warning is updated. The Report Improvement add-on only needs to be disabled when rebuilding warnings given.
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