1. M

    Missing option to leave reason when deleting content via the mod approval queue. Integrate with warning reasons and rules

    SS: You have to click into the thread and then click delete for the option to show up: Also, I took time to set up a bunch of rule citations and removal reasons when issuing warnings: But there is no way to cite those reasons/rules when removing/denying content. I think the removal &...
  2. El Porcharo

    Lack of interest Approve button in action bar

    I'm managing the community with quite noob admins, and I see they don't always realize there are messages waiting for approval before replying to threads, specially when they navigate the board from their mobile phone. And honestly at the beginning of my XenForo experience, I used not to notice...
  3. AndrewSimm

    [Andrew] Moderator Panel 1.9.4

    [Andrew] Moderator Panel provides moderators enhanced visibility into user behavior and additional moderator features. The thought is that by providing better visibility to warnings, reports, thread bans, and ignores, moderators will be able to identify problem users faster and will rely less in...
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