[Andrew] Moderator Panel

[Andrew] Moderator Panel 1.6.2

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  • FIXED: Issue with setup file when upgrading from 1.6.0 or 1.6.1
  • FIXED: Removed unnecessary / and the end of <a> online 391 of andrew_moderatorpanel_macros
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  • FIXED: Missing alter to xf_user_ignored when installing and not upgrading
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  • ADDED: View warnings given by thread
  • ADDED: Rebuild thread warnings
  • ADDED: Permissions to View Thread Warnings
  • ADDED: Force ignore one user to another
  • ADDED: Force ignore report
  • ADDED: Permission to force ignore users
  • ADDED: Permission to view force ignored users
  • ADDED: Search user by email address
  • FIXED: Spelling error in andrew_moderatorpanel_remove_moderation
  • FIXED: Spelling error in option_explain.andrewModeratorPanelModeratedUsergroup
  • ADDED: Permission to view stats blocks in the moderator panel
  • ADDED: Permission to view stats graph in the moderator panel
  • ADDED: User note icon to user tool tip when note exists
  • ADDED: User note icon to member profile when note exists
  • ADDED: Option to turn on or of the user note icon
  • FIXED: Added event listener to delete user notes when the user is deleted
  • FIXED: Updated code to allow previously deleted users to have their notes deleted
    • This will no longer be an issue with users deleted after version 1.5.1 is installed due to the added event listener
  • ADDED: User note count on moderator tools drop down
  • ADDED: Recently warned users widget
  • ADDED: Recently banned users widget
  • ADDED: Recently warned users to "User data" section
  • FIXED: Removed unnecessary code
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  • FIXED: Updated hard coded "Edit Ban" to {{ phrase('edit_ban') }}
  • FIXED: Removed phrase "andrew_moderatorpanel_moderator_panel" and replaces instances of it with andrew_moderator_panel
  • FIXED: Spelling of andrew_moderatorpanel_recently_regisered_users and removed duplicate phrase
  • FIXED: Incorrect operator on user note permission that could allow users with panel access but not user note access to view user notes
  • FIXED: Warnings that never expire will show "Never" instead of a date in 1969
  • FIXED: Removed duplicate View IP Address permission
  • FIXED: Tied all IP viewing to Xenforo permission canViewIps()
  • FIXED: Tied viewing of ban, warnings, and thread bans to existing permissions
  • FIXED: Hide reports activity block when sending reports to forums
  • ADDED: Link to user notes on the moderator tools drop down
  • FIXED: Most reported users will be hidden when send report to form is enabled
  • FIXED: Logs menu header would only display if certain logs were enabled
  • FIXED: User data menu header would only display if certain features were enabled
  • ADDED: Spam trigger log
  • ADDED: View spam trigger log permission
  • FIXED: Moderators will now receive an "User not found" message if changing an user id in the address bar to a number that does not exist