[Andrew] Moderator Panel

[Andrew] Moderator Panel 1.9.4

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Amazing addon. High quality and great attention to detail. Looks and works great! Thanks! I agree with the others that this should be in the core.
Really great addon. A necessary addon for moderators. It has a very easy to use interface. I think this is the best plugin of this year :)
It is very generous of Andrew to provide such a comprehensive tool that all forum owners should have for their moderators.
Excellent add-on, I have disabled an alternative (paid) add-on that has only a fraction of the features of this one.
This is a great add-on and should honestly be part of the Xenforo core. My favorite functionality of this is the user file, where staff can leave notations on a user without necessarily having to give them a warning.
Awsome tool that fill the things that xenforo didn't have.
The warning part is very helpful. you can trace all warned users without any effort.
Outstanding resource and super generous to offer it for free. Excellent support too. This is a must have addon and really should be part of the core.
Finding this addon was a great surprise! A well thought-of addon for our moderators which concentrates their interventions and notes in one location. Really impressive! And free? Give this guy a raise! ;) Thank you Andrew!
I just want to say WoW!
This add-on puts even expensive add-ons in the shade! Easy installation, easy configuration and finally informative and useful functions that should have been part of the XF core for a long time.

Thank you @Andrew for making this available for free.
I feel a little like before, at home in the old community :D
Great addon! This should be part of XF core..

Thanks for releasing this for free, I feel it should be a paid add-on.
Very useful a must-have add-on. Marvelous job by the author. Clean code and it does exactly what it says.
My mods like it, they were misssing some features from vbulletin modcp and this addon give they even more :D
Absolutely love this.. Thank you for offering this to us.. I think my mods will love it! Easy to use and set up..
Extremely well made addon and easy to use. My Mods love it and it's really easy to keep track of things and manage things. Thanks a lot for making this!
One of the best and most useful addons I know. Very clear and easy to configure, very good and clear variety of information, even for moderators that XF does not offer. Thanks @Andrew
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