[Andrew] Moderator Panel

[Andrew] Moderator Panel 1.8.0

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Simply brilliant addon that makes the life of moderators so much easier. I can't believe I haven't installed this before!
This is an essential tool that all Xenforo sites should have, especially if you have moderators helping to manage the forum. This gives them the tools they need, in an easy to use layout. Author is very responsive.
Super detailed. One of the best mods available for XenForo. I'd expect Andrew will be part of adding this to XF 3.0!
It's a really great addon. It is much easier to find information. And it makes the daily moderation easier.
It's a great plugin, but it also has a great developer. While some developers aren't even that concerned with their paid plugins, Andrew's interest is admirable! Thanks for the plugin <3
I appreciate the comment
I love it, and so does my staff team! Great work and great support. I would recommend this add-on. Keep up the good work!
It's amazing! The perfect panel for your forums. Huge functionality for managing the forum and users.
Wonderful! My mods love it :) A great collection of very useful tools, user notes, and top user lists that make it easier to keep an eye on bad behaviour.
This is brilliant and amazing. To have such add on provided for free is very generous of you. I have installed it on my forum https://admin-junkies.com.
Perfect tool for forums with Moderators. It is a must have for large forums with several people to moderate your community.
Just what we needed. Thank you this will make the moderators life so much easier. I think that this should be standard in xenforo.
Thanks for this awesome addon, my moderators love it!
Great job, recommended for every medium-high traffic forum.
Love! LOVE, love love. (Did I say love enough?). This was exactly what I needed, which was a way for moderators to moderate users (what a concept!) without having to give them access to the ACP.

I ran into one snag, because I am still learning about xF's details. This add-on checks the secondary box for whatever usergroup you designate as moderated. But because primary permissions override anything in the secondary group, nothing was happening to those users. The secret is to change all "no" in the group's permissions to "never."

I asked Andrew about it and he immediately responded with an answer. Thanks, dude! You and this add on just rock.
LOVE this addon. It's great, it works, and it's nice-looking for the volunteer mods to use. That matters. It's nice to make their life easier. He added my request to search for users by email very quickly. Can't ask for better!
Thank you CavySpirit!
Amazing addon. High quality and great attention to detail. Looks and works great! Thanks! I agree with the others that this should be in the core.
Really great addon. A necessary addon for moderators. It has a very easy to use interface. I think this is the best plugin of this year :)
It is very generous of Andrew to provide such a comprehensive tool that all forum owners should have for their moderators.
Excellent add-on, I have disabled an alternative (paid) add-on that has only a fraction of the features of this one.
This is a great add-on and should honestly be part of the Xenforo core. My favorite functionality of this is the user file, where staff can leave notations on a user without necessarily having to give them a warning.
Awsome tool that fill the things that xenforo didn't have.
The warning part is very helpful. you can trace all warned users without any effort.
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