A guide to XenForo 1.2 and templates

A guide to XenForo 1.2 and templates

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With XenForo 1.2 needs to come a new mentality when dealing with templates. Lots of things have changed in this regard. And it's important for us as forum admins and developers that we change with the times, rather than getting...
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Great read. Quite impressive and straight to the point. I can now configure my xenforo with ease. Thanks.
This goes a long way in easing my anxiety over converting from vB 3.8 to xF 1.5. After just a couple of days, I feel the stress lifting.
Good and full of correct informations.
Chris D
Chris D
Good and correct, but obviously not good and correct enough to receive 5 stars? Thanks!
very helpful, thanks
Nice article.
Being a dev, trying to edit templates this sometimes causes pain.
There should be some option to disable it though
Would love to see brogan kill a kitten!
Thanks.. time to change.
thk u :)
Thanks, Chris, very helpful.
Cheers mate, greatly appreciated especially as i am going to be releasing xf styles.. this is a great / well written tutorial i can use to ensure my work is of the highest quality.
Great article. I have added this to my watch list. I will need to come back and review frequently.
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