[8WR] XenRio (Streams) PRO

[8WR] XenRio (Streams) PRO 1.2.6b

No permission to buy ($40.00)
Best addon for media entertainment communities that are on the youtube and twitch platforms! Definitely recommended!
This has got to be one of the best add-ons for XenForo. The multi-view option alone is impressive. If your users stream a lot, get this add-on. Even if users don't stream, it's nice to have the feature on your gaming or tech website as it covers all types of streams depending on how you set it up.
Have been using this for a couple of weeks. Been loving it as so is our community. The system works perfectly but has its shortcomings.

More obvious way of submit channel button and if no streamers are streaming it should show most recent record broadcasts (like twitch does). A seperated page to show these would be a very good addition as well to this plugin.
The best streaming browser on the market for XenForo! I've waited long and hard for someone to consul with an addon which relates to gamers, and this is one of the most important one to date.
I purchased this a few weeks ago based on the excellent XenPorta 2. However the way XenRio displayed offline streams didn't suit my needs so well (although it was awesome when someone WAS streaming).

I posted a suggestion to Jaxel for a different way to display offline users, and he implemented it in the very next release just a few days later. Absolutely superb - and it looks just how I'd hoped.

Thank you Jaxel - I really appreciate the work you put into your add-ons, they really add a lot to my website!
Bought a couple of days ago. Had to use code I found in the discussion thread to get video to show and chat still not displaying, but it basically works and does what I wanted, so no complaints from me :)
Good news! Twitch has recently implemented HTTPS/SSL support! So now you should be good to go without issues.
Money well spent. Works like a dream. Could have some more features :) But that shouldn't make it less than a 5 star spend! I love the features streams section. And having it be manageable buy users is very nice.
I do accept feature requests. What features do you need?
Just purchased :) works great.
Just purchased it, already loving it!
Money well spent!! Thanx guys
a Must !
Amazing plugin. Easy to install and configure too. Jaxel is really taking Xenforo to the next level with his plugin contributions.
Wow Thanks for this awesome update. Very cool new feature:)
Jaxel has added some very nice features!
Does the job perfectly, very happy with this product :)
This is one of the best addon's I have ever bought. Very solid product. :)
A very solid stream fetcher that does what it needs to do.