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This is a small update that fixes a single bug. This bug fix requires you to run the upgrade script though, which is why this is 1.0.9 and not 1.0.8b. I apologize for sending out 3 updates in a single day... but I'm an idiot.

In the 1.0.8 update, I mentioned that I changed the variable names for $layout and $widgets to $xp2_layout and $xp2_widgets respectively. This of course means that anywhere you use these variables would need to be changed as well. I updated all the templates with this changes... but I forgot to update the template modifications.

So what broke? Overwriting the built-in sidebar on the forum list. This update fixes the template modification and restores the ability to overwrite the forum list's sidebar.

With this update, I also want to re-iterate the variable name changes. If you are an advanced user and extended the widget framework to another addon, which has it's own sidebar, you wont be able to replace that addon's existing sidebar if you don't make these changes in your template modifications as well.
This is a HOTFIX; this means you don't need to run any "upgrade" procedures to upgrade from 1.0.8; just upload the files.
  • The last update broke auto-promotions. This update fixes it.
Have you noticed almost all of these hotfixes are related to auto-promotions?
  • Widget: New "Affiliate Links" widget.
  • Widget: Facebook Like Box now supports HTTPS; as well as conforms to their API changes where they renamed the "posts" option to "stream" (and didn't tell anybody, because they are *******s).
  • Expanded the pre-defined "Enable Widget Framework" option to include the Category View and the Member View.
  • The article view will now do a better job at supplying relevant open-graph images... for Facebook link previews.
  • The local comments feed in the article view now supports the XenForo selected quote/reply feature. This feature required some significant style changes in order to work; so you may have to do some skin fixes after this upgrade.
  • Removed the "Show Full-sized Article Icons" option. It confused people and was really only in there for expert users; but expert users could do what the option did, without the option. So it was pointless.
  • Replaced it with new "Display Article Icon as Header" option. By default, article icons are floated to the right of the article text. With this new option, certain types of article icons can be moved up into the header above the article text instead.
  • Article List Bits are now more responsive. If the page width gets too small, the floats will be removed and the article text will shift below the article icon.
  • The category list in the article list bits are no longer restricted to a single line. If the amount of categories exceeds the allowed space, the list will break into a second line or more as needed.
  • Author information is now exposed in article list bits. Its not displayed anywhere by default, but now if you wanted to replace $article.username with $article.author_name; you can.
  • Added a $quickNavSelected identifier for those who use my Ultimate Random Header script; the ID is "articles".
  • Widget installation can now handle admin templates, as well as normal templates. (this was required for the Affiliate Links widget) With this new inclusion, rebuilding after installing a widget will take slightly longer as it will have to rebuild admin templates as well.
  • The $layout and $widgets global view variables have been renamed to $xp2_layout and $xp2_widgets respectively. The reason for this... since these are global variables, if there is another addon which uses these variables, and you extend the XP2 framework into those addons, XP2 would end up overwriting them. So this change is to make the variables names more unique and limit interference.
  • All options have been phrased!
  • The settings link in the navtab is now hidden behind permissions. If a user does not have permissions to change any settings, the link will be hidden.
  • BUG FIX: added in a check to prevent random undefined index errors related to the auto-promote function.
  • BUG FIX: fixed an issue related to incorrect time stamps when promoting a thread that was posted between 12am and 1am.
This is a HOTFIX; this means you don't need to run any "upgrade" procedures to upgrade from 1.0.7; just upload the files.
  • The last update broke auto-promotions. This update fixes it.
Almost all the features in this update have to do with performance.
  • Added some phrasing for the activity list so users will no longer show as viewing an "unknown page".
  • Added an option to exclude promotions from the articles index. When set, an article/feature will only show up on articles listings through categories or authors; but not on the index itself.
  • Added an option in the admin-cp to strip line breaks from article list entries.
  • Added an option in the admin-cp to disable respect for permissions on the articles lists. By default, articles lists will conform to user permissions. If a user does not have permission to view a thread, they wont see a listing for it on the articles list. However, now you can disable this feature. Naturally, this will give a boost to performance because you wont have to query for permissions on each and every article entry.
  • Added an option in the admin-cp to disable promotion icon searching. Normally, if you select "Default icon", instead of specifying a specific icon, the system will search the article post for an appropriate promotion icon. If you disable promotion icon searching, selecting default will essentially become the same as disabling the icon for that post. Disabling icon searching can greatly improve performance.
  • Improved performance of attachments preparation in various areas around the article lists.
  • Greatly improved performance when using XenMedio promotion icons.
  • BUG FIX: fixed a bug related to sticky first posts on articles. When you promote a thread to an article, the first post of that thread becomes and article post and gets stickied to the top of the thread on every page. However, if you select to disable the article layout, it did not also disable the sticky first post... now it does.
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This is a HOTFIX; this means you don't need to run any "upgrade" procedures to upgrade from 1.0.6; just upload the files.
  • BUG FIX: fixes the issue where the first post of every thread appears on every page, even if said thread is not a promoted thread.
Remember guys! If you like this addon, dont forget to give a good review!
This version updates some settings in articles and features widgets. You will have to edit the settings of these widgets after upgrading.

In an upcoming version, I plan on moving a lot of the options from Options properties to Style properties. The difference between Options and Styles are that options are universal to all styles, while style properties must be set for every single skin, but can be different for each skin. I would like to hear which options you guys think should remain options, and which should become style properties.
  • Added an option to disable the feature slider on a different page types. The main article index, category indexes and author indexes.
  • The articles index and articles (main) widget now show thread prefixes.
  • You can now select multiple category/author sources in articles and features widgets.
  • The article view page will now hide the comments tab bar if only one comment source has been selected.
  • On the article view page; by popular request, the "below" widget location (the location directly below the page content on the layout grid page), has been moved up from below the comments, to above the comments.
  • You can now set categories for an article on the article promotion page.
  • The articles index settings page link in the navbar no longer requires permissions to see, as permissions are not required to hide the feature slider or disable infinite scrolling.
  • The pause infinite scrolling button now displays a direct link to the articles index settings page. Many users complained about having to hit pause every time they loaded the page, and didn't realize you could disable infinite scrolling completely.
  • The Attachments widget now includes a paginated gallery. I included this in XP1 as an example of what you could do with widgets, and never actually expected anything to use it... but apparently people do.
  • BUG FIX: fixed an issue where you couldn't set custom excerpts on features.
  • BUG FIX: fixed a typo on the delete category page in the admin cp.
  • BUG FIX: fixed a bug where masonry didn't apply on paginated pages.
Remember guys! If you like this addon, dont forget to give a good review!
This is a HOTFIX; this means you don't need to run any "upgrade" procedures to upgrade from 1.0.5; just upload the files.
  • BUG FIX: fixes a bug with the google news sitemap if you use the "enable external images" function.
  • BUG FIX: fixes a bug with category creation if you use the auto-promotion function.
  • BUG FIX: fixes a bug with the user alert system if you allow unregistered users to post news (what?).
  • Added Desandro's ImageLoaded javascript package to the infinite scroller. This will alleviate the issue some people are having where articles added to the masonry grid will overlap.
  • The "pause/resume" button for the infinite scroller will now go away when the end of pages has been reached.
  • Added a "news" extension for all article pages that you can use to supply updates to Google News. This page can be reached by simply appending /news to the articles list page... such as: yourforum.com/articles/news. This page only displays news posted within the past 48 hours. You can specify categories as well with yourforum.com/articles/news?category=4
  • Deleting a widget will now rebuild phrases and templates after completion.
  • The ArticlesMain widget now more closely resembles the articles list index. It supports both masonry and infinite-scroll.
  • The StatusUpdates widget will now conform to usergroup permissions and settings. Because of this, the StatusUpdates widget can now no longer be cached.
  • Added a "StatusUpdates (Legacy) widget. This widget follows the old status update system from before XF1.4, it does not follow usergroup permissions, but can be cached. This is for people who have XP2 installed on 1.3 and still need a StatusUpdates widget.
  • Added a "TeamSpeak3" widget. Displays a teamspeak server status block.
  • BUG FIX: fixed an issue where the feature slider excerpt text would not show up in Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  • BUG FIX: fixed the error where you could not create a new Author Byline block if you didn't include the author's photograph.
I messed up the install files with the last update. I targeted the database changes to 1.0.2 instead of 1.0.3; so the updates weren't applying properly. I had to change this version 1.0.4 because that's how the versioning system works; but this version is exactly the same as 1.0.3, except it will install the correct database columns.