[8WR] XenPorta (Portal) PRO

[8WR] XenPorta (Portal) PRO 1.2.2b

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  • I've added a new option to change the Meta Description tag on the portal. If left blank, the meta description will default to your XenForo board meta description. This option is completely pointless, as having duplicate meta descriptions does not harm your search ranking at all; even Google outright admits that it doesn't matter... but because Google Webmaster Tools gives a "warning" about it, people think it matters, and I get too many questions about this... so I've added the option.
  • The order of the Open Graph meta tags have changed so that Facebook does a better job of selecting the right images (instead of having to use the left/right arrows to get the right image).
  • If an article does not have any tagged sub-categories, AND the viewing user does not have permissions to tag new sub-categories, the sub-categories block on an Article View page will be hidden, instead of displaying the generic "this article has no sub-categories" phrase.
  • NEW WIDGET: Tag Cloud, displays the XF Tag Cloud
  • NEW WIDGET: Featured Resources (requires XFRM)
  • NEW WIDGET: Top Resources (requires XFRM)
This is a hotfix that fixes a significant bug, and one not-so-important bug:
  • When trying to add categories in an article that was created using the auto-promote forum function, the [+] button will no longer open an overlay with your article index.
  • Author information will now properly get sent to $tParams... thus making the Author Related widget working again.
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  • Added the ability to remove the "sub-categories" block from the article view page.
  • Added some version checks to the javascript calls. This will prevent issues people have with out-dated JS after upgrades.
  • Added an "!important" css tag to some sidebar widths. Some skin designers out there like to use "!important" in their skins (which is bad form, and interferes with a lot of mod styling); doing so breaks the widths of a lot of block areas. I added my own "!important" tags to skirt around the issue. So... solving bad form, with more bad form... yay.
  • Added a new widget block for XenAtendo 2 PRO.
  • Add JS version checks throughout the addon to prevent issues in case a user's cache is out of date and refuses to retrieve new files.
  • The Recent Threads widget has been updated for XenForo 1.5! It now uses the XF1.5 included thread_list_item_simple template to populate it's list.
  • Same goes for the Recent Threads Tabbed widget.
  • XF1.5's new Thread Reply Bans system added to articles view.
  • XF1.5's new Thread Tag system has been added to articles view.
  • .tagList selector has been renamed .catList selector to not conflict with the new tagging system.
  • Some missing hooks added to articles view...
  • BUG FIX: updated the Facebook Comments javascript to help work around the many bugs related to their extremely poor programming.
  • BUG FIX: fixed a bug related to sticky articles and the auto-promote function.
  • BUG FIX: fixed an issue where an article promoted at 00:00 would sometimes be read as 12:00.
  • "Sticky" articles have returned! When promoting an article, you now have the ability to sticky that article to the top of your articles list.
  • "Full-sized Attachment Icons" have returned as a style property. I originally took this option out because its something that a knowledgeable admin could easily enable with the use of the XF template modification system; while at the same time, an ignorant admin could enable and cock up because they didn't understand how things work with attachments.
  • Added Facebook Open Graph tags to the articles listing.
  • BUG FIX: Fixed bug that lists RSS feeds with the same last updated time.
This update prepares XenPorta2 for the upcoming release of XenForo 1.5. XF1.5 will be including a new thread-tagging system; and unfortunately this thread-tagging system is incompatible with the current version of XP2. So this new version has renamed and changed a lot of functions to make the two systems compatible. There are javascript changes in this update as well.

The XP2 "Tags" system has been renamed to "Sub-Categories". This is actually what they've always been; but this change will make it easier for users to understand why there are two different tagging systems on articles. I recommend only allowing moderators to edit sub-categories, even if you are allowing all users to edit thread tags.
  • Added new widget link locations for a "above-left" and "above-right".
  • If you use the "Enable External Images" setting for article promotions, and also use XenForo's built-in image proxy system, your promotion icons will now use the image proxy system as well!
  • Doubled the length of the evaluation field for layout restrictions. Some people wanted more complex evaluations, and the 100 character limitation prevented some of this. The field now maxes at 200.
  • WIDGET: Added a new widget for "Siropu Chat".
  • BUG FIX: fixed a bug with the Random Quote widget that made it so you couldn't actually define your random quotes.
  • BUG FIX: fixed a bug that would occasionally leave templates out during widget exports.
  • BUG FIX: renamed the iconKey css to make sure it doesn't conflict on some XenForo pages.
The changes for XF1.5 are based on the BETA of XF1.5... please inform me of any issues.
This is a significant update. Many of the options in the Admin Control Panel have been moved to the Style Properties! This means you should be aware of having to redo a lot of your options and settings after running this upgrade.

The new style properties means you can now set a lot of the options on a per-skin basis, instead of only being a single setting across all your skins. For instance, maybe you want masonry support on only one of your skins, but not the others? Now you can do just that!
  • The left-column sidebar width is no longer linked to the width of your right-column sidebar. You can now set the width independently in the style properties system.
  • When clicking page nav links on the comments feed of the article view, the user will now be anchored to the comments; rather then having to scroll through the entire article again.
  • Feature Slider settings have also been moved to the style properties. With the new properties, you can now easily change various settings; including making the feature slider responsive.
  • There is now a "Now" button when promoting articles/features. By default the date/time of the promotion is the thread date; clicking the "Now" button will replace the existing date with the current time.
  • WIDGET: New Random Quote widget!
  • WIDGET: Facebook Like Box has been updated with Facebook's new Page Box. The old Facebook Like Box is getting deprecated on July 23.
  • WIDGET: XenMedio Recent Media widget can now restrict by category.
  • BUG FIX: Fixed a bug with the feature slider and category exclusions.
  • BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where the XP2 copyright footer would show up on your forum index, even if you didn't have the widget framework enabled.
This is a HOTFIX; this means you don't need to run any "upgrade" procedures to upgrade from 1.1.0; just upload the files.

With this hotfix I have completely rewritten the methods for fetching Open Graph (Facebook) preview icons. The old method just caused too many issues related to auto-promotions and icon-searching. People would report bugs, and I would stamp it out, only for two more to appear.

So I've completely wiped out the changes I originally made for this purpose in 1.0.8 and came up with a completely different method for fetching these images. Once again, please inform me of any issues!
What a nightmare this weekend has been... Here is another release with some general bug fixes...
  • Fixes "Undefined index: message" errors related to auto-promotions and icon searching...
  • Fixes "Undefined index: article_excerpt" errors related to auto-promotions and icon searching...
  • Fixes a bug where two extra "</div>" tags were left out, causing your entire layout to look messed up and some widgets to not appear.
Well hopefully with this release, all the bugs related to auto-promotions and icon searching, as well as the variable name changes have been fixed. If anyone else is still having issues, please let me know... I have a hard time debugging some of these features because I dont use them in any of my websites and they are mostly in because of requests.
This is a HOTFIX; this means you don't need to run any "upgrade" procedures to upgrade from 1.0.9; just upload the files.
  • More fixes to auto-promotions related to icon searching.
Have you noticed almost all of these hotfixes are related to auto-promotions?