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This forum spotlights some of XenForo's interesting features. Spotlights on features in upcoming releases will be posted here.
Welcome to XenForo 1.4 / More Assorted Improvements
Welcome to XenForo 1.4. As we are nearing a beta release, it's now time to upgrade XenForo.com and put the new code through its paces. Once we're happy with the state of it, an unsupported beta version will be made available to all customers with active licenses. However, there are still some other improvements to discuss in 1.4. Over time, you may see tweaks that haven't been explicitly called out or adjustments to features that have been shown in previous Have You Seen's. Forum option: moderate new threads and replies separately Previously, forums could only be set to moderate all posts or none. This option has now been split to give you the option to control moderation of new threads and new replies separately: As before, users...
Anti-spam Improvements
As with many of our previous releases, XenForo 1.4 is adding more options to help prevent spam from being posted on your forum. Our focus here is mostly directed towards preventing automated bot registrations. Additional CAPTCHA Types Out of the box, we now support a number of additional CAPTCHA providers: Text CAPTCHA -- this is a service that provides Q&A style CAPTCHAs like "Which of 47, sixty two, 18 or 59 is the smallest?". Essentially, this isn't really different from the built-in Q&A CAPTCHA system, except this system has a large number of questions built already -- over 180 million. Q&As are potentially easier to solve for humans and have fewer accessibility issues, but the trade off is that they can possibly be machine read...
XenForo 1.4 includes a complete and extensible implementation of the Sitemap XML standard, allowing for optimised indexing of your site by search engines. for like SEO and stuff... Watch on Vimeo As always, please don't post suggestions in this thread, but rather use the appropriate suggestions forum.
XenForo 1.4 includes a handful of useful improvements to help you manage and monitor the user upgrades you have set up on your system. Watch on Vimeo I'm attempting a new recording system with this video - the main thing you should notice is the improvement in audio quality, but if you have any other comments do let me know. However, please don't post feature suggestions in this thread, even if they are directly related to this system! Any features suggestions should be posted in the appropriate feature suggestion forum so that they can be properly assessed and catalogued.
Miscellaneous Improvements
Today, we have some more improvements coming in XenForo 1.4. Individually, these features are not big enough to dedicate an entire HYS thread, but some of them have been heavily requested nonetheless. Limiting watched content notifications to active users As you can probably work out from the screenshot, if this option is enabled, users that have not visited recently will not receive (or be considered for) alerts and emails from content they watch. This is mostly done for performance reasons. However, you can probably assume that if a user doesn't visit your forum for a long period of time, they aren't interested in the content they're watching and are unlikely to return. Stopping emails to them may prevent an invalid spam report...
Today, we have a video showing upcoming improvements to the XenForo help system, and a new way to surface profile posts. View on Vimeo My apologies for the sound quality, I'm hoping that some new audio gear will be arriving before I record the next one of these. Just a reminder: Please do not post suggestions in this thread (even if you feel they are related). Use the dedicated suggestion forum so they can be tracked; suggestions made in this thread are unlikely to be implemented.
Automated Bounce Email Handling
Most forums need to deal with members whose email address becomes invalid. Sometimes the user will go ahead and change it, but other times your forum will fire off emails to this now invalid address. When this happens, if you have a bounce email address setup in XenForo (and possibly with the -f option enabled in the mail configuration), you will receive an email telling you about the failure. Email delivery failures can happen for a wide variety of reasons. If you continually send to an address that has been disabled, for example, this can count against your domain/IP's email reputation. A lower email reputation can lead to reduced email deliverability as your domain may appear to be a spammer. Therefore, when you are notified that...
Poll Improvements
Welcome to the first Have You Seen for XenForo 1.4. We'll be posting plenty more of these over the coming weeks so keep checking back for more. First up, we're going to cover the wide variety of improvements we've made to the poll system. New Poll Options There are a number of new options and controls when you create a new poll: Polls are no longer limited to one or multiple choices. The creator can now control exactly how many responses a user can select. If they select the maximum amount, the other options will automatically disable to indicate this. Voters can now change their votes, if the option is selected. This is useful to handle cases where people make mistakes, a response is missing, or if people just change their mind...

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