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XF 1.4 Custom Help Pages and New Profile Post Features


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Today, we have a video showing upcoming improvements to the XenForo help system, and a new way to surface profile posts.

View on Vimeo

My apologies for the sound quality, I'm hoping that some new audio gear will be arriving before I record the next one of these.

Just a reminder: Please do not post suggestions in this thread (even if you feel they are related). Use the dedicated suggestion forum so they can be tracked; suggestions made in this thread are unlikely to be implemented.


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I should mention that there was serious debate in the staff room as to whether I should state that having custom help pages is pretty much the same as having a CMS...
Yeah, the new system is very powerful (i'm also think that i would be easy for you to expand this feature into an article system).

My suggestion for the help page is to allow the possibility to use BB Code in Help Pages.


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I see. Not that it's a big deal but most people would kinda expect to be able to change the default ones also.
You can already do that with templates & phrases, they just aren't on one page together (which is what I'm assuming you want). Without seeing the code, Mike & Kier would essentially have to send the default pages to be custom or modify how this system works to handle the default ones.