XF 1.4 Custom Help Pages and New Profile Post Features


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at minute 6:01 Kier is writing the Profile-post: "Wow, this is great!"

But at the Profile-Page of Darth it only shows the text "Wow!".

Am I missing something ?



This videos are not done using a single shot. They are cuts, so its likely from a later / newer shot for the data.

He's commenting on the second profile post when you view the profile, he just mouses to the wrong one.


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I know that. I didn't want to disable it, but have a substitute for it. Big difference. This way, I don't have problems with EU, as an American company.
There will be nothing different from how its set up at the moment apart from (if) the page gets migrated to the CHP you will be able to edit the page more easily, that is it.


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I am missing the option, to select to which addon a help page is dedicated. Will it be there in the final version? Or is just the debug mode off?