XF 1.4 XenForo 1.4 Improvements to Replying


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At 2:10, it looks like it doesn't do a space in between both quotes, but in multi-quote it does?
Fantastic update Kier.

Some might see this as a strange request but will it work across threads (e.g. quote something in another thread and use as a response in the thread you're replying to - save copy and paste between)?


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Frankly speaking, I didn't know how badly I wanted it. Is XF the first board to offer such facility?


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Great idea. I've not seen this sort of thing before, but I know that members will make use of this as I've had a lot of comments about the old quote method.

Liam W

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The tadaa was a nice addition at the end, and these changes are brilliant :)

Also, is it me or is this the 3rd HYS this week?

Yes, it is... Nice.


P.S What do you use to record the screen?