XF 1.4 More Moderator & Administrator Tools

XenForo 1.4 continues to add tools and enhancements to help your moderators and administrators to manage your users and their content.

Today, we're looking at inline moderation enhancements, 'author alerts', the 'Like' removal tool and the reply ban system.

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I could've sworn I saw you using OS X Yosemite in one of these videos. Nice additions nonetheless. :)
Really looking forward to 1.4, seems like it's going to be a great update like all x.X updates of XenForo have been! :D
Nice work, Kier and Mike!

Question: Would it be possible with phrase editing to add a forum hyperlink to the moved thread alert for users who can view the destination forum? So instead of "Your thread Test was moved to a different forum," it would be "Your thread Test was moved to Test Forum."

Also, I'm hoping a select all option for watched threads gets added in 1.4, but only time will tell. :)
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Its so great to see so much going on with 1.4. Exciting stuff.

ETA: ^^ no way any of these guys even watched the video before replying lol
I think I was the first one who actually watched the whole thing going by the length of the video and the time stamps. :D
@Kier Great work! Would it be possible to have an indicator next to users who have been reply banned? This way other moderators can see easily who has been reply banned and then have that indicator open up a dialogue box to remove the reply ban or adjust the time for longer if possible? Thanks!
Nice work, guys, the inline search moderation will save me some time and I know some sites that will appreciate the thread ban ability.

A question about the new user alert options when a thread is moved or deleted... is there an alert available when threads are merged?
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