Zend Studio, or Eclipse PDT?

Zend Studio, or Eclipse PDT?

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Chris D

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Does anyone know if there is a way to tell phpstorm to auto-create {} like
if (statement)
... because currently it is doing this
if (statement) {
That would be great!
Preferences > Code Style > PHP...

I won't go into everything but there's a heck of a lot of stuff there. Vaguely recalling there's an option to have braces on a new line.


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It's available for Mac and Windows.
... and Linux!

The Linux version of PhpStorm is one of the most stable and well made Linux applications I've ever used.

I'm back on Windows now because there are too many other things I need to run which are Windows only (and VMware Workstation is one of the least stable and poorly made Linux applications I've ever used :( ) ... but if all I did was code all day, I'd be very happy running PhpStorm on Linux.