Best way of importing XenForo classes into eclipse IDE ?


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I've used Eclipse before for creating Java Programmes and I find it extremely useful.

I want to create a few plug-ins for XF, and to make life easier, I thought I would download the IDE most seem to use, Eclipse for PHP developers:
Eclipse PDT

I have a rough understanding of the MVC structure, but don't yet have an idea of how to import the XF PHP project. Up until now, most of my PHP work has been done using a text editor:

PHP: crimson editor
C++ / C# using Visual Studios
Java using Eclipse

When I've used Eclipse for Java, its great. I can import an existing projects and pull what ever I need from existing classes (or even defined DLL paths). Then use "predictive typing" to get a list of available methods / and possible parameters, or hover over/get the class info. I'm also then able to dig into the class hierarchy (and then figure out what needs to be overridden)

But I have no idea of how to go about importing the XenForo PHP project, or if this is even possible?

I can open up the XenForo PHP files (one by one), but without some sort of tree / project file, Eclipse doesn't really tell me much about all of the classes.

How do you go about importing the PHP files for development, or do most people creating the plug-ins just open one file at a time, and manually work out the class associations?

Is there are PHAR file, not that I've ever used this project file before?

<Sorry for the dumb question>