XF 1.3 Importing Xenforo Into Xenforo

I am currently creating a complete back-up of my vBulletin website on my dev server. I used the importer and imported my vBulletin database without issue. I purchased the resource manager and am using it to manually back-up my articles and various other elements. Before i get going on this too quickly, I thought of a question I know someone can answer.

If I back-up everything manually as I am preparing for, could I import all of that resource data onto my live site when I fill the resource manager with my info?

If I am going to have to manually re-enter everything on the live site once I am confident I have everything stored, it wouldn't be smart for me to enter it all into the dev resource manager for permanent use. As I will be utilizing hundreds of categories this could be labor intensive and I want to make sure my theory will work. (I believe I could download the associated sql tables for the resource manager and import the sql file via phpmyadmin once I have the site running.)

Tracy Perry

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If you are asking about once you get your test site configured like you want it can you export your DB out and then import it... if so, the answer is yes. If you customize with specific images, etc. then you will need to duplicate your structure there also.
You will want to do it all on your test site before you import it though as if you import it again you will lose your existing data (doing a pure DB replacement).

If you are referring to importing it over what you have (merging) then I'm not sure - I doubt that would work.


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If you're moving the whole database, then you can usually do that. If you're only trying to do a partial move of data, then that has to be done via the UI so you can't do what you're asking with the DB tables.
Thanks guys, I got the answer I was looking for but will follow up with another question.

I currently have a dev site with my active db imported from my active url. This is what I want to do with it.

I want to shut down my live site.
I will then delete all of the files on my server as they are all vb related.
I will then upload and install a clean xenforo.

[I will take a break from the live server for a moment and jump on my dev site.]

The dev site is running xenforo with all of the mods I want to use and have configured. This includes categories for the resource manager, etc.
I want to import the live db using xenforos vbulletin importer. (I want to do this over the import I already did.) <<< --- Will this work or is there a way to undo the previous import and then do a fresh import of vb's database?

[I will take a break from the dev server for a moment and jump on my live site.]

I will then install every mod I have installed on the dev site, onto the closed, live site.
I want to then import the xenforo db from the dev site into the new db on the live server.
I would then be able to open the site as my import should have all of my members, posts, threads, etc., as well as all of the data I entered on the dev site since it was using the exact same mods I have installed on the live server. (meaning the data entered on the dev server should then occupy the live database following the import via phpmyadmin for the sql tables.)

My logic here is that I can create my site and transfer all of my custom items from vb over to xenforo without having my site or content down for longer than a few hours. The site I am working on used Brians vBdynamics extensively (I think I am running 8 heavily modified instances). I modified each rendition to do what I needed it to do and am now using the resource manager, with no vbdynamics importer. In order to get all of the content over to the resource manager, I have to enter the data from the live site into the new dev location.

Does my plan sound like it will work as posted or am I missing something?

This is my first import and I will be doing this for each subsequent site I work on, so I need to know it will work. (I own 37 and several run VB that will be coming over to xenforo.)